She's the giggle at a funeral.
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    *therapist voice* you are stupid and gay

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  • "I’m so afraid of losing something I love that I refuse to love anything"
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    People talk about how hard long distance relationships are but nobody talks about the struggle of long distance friendships. I would give my left leg right now to just be able to sit in our pjs and watch movies or to just be able to give a big fucking hug. 

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  • Autobiography of Someone Who Knows How to Love But Always Leaves


    I only know how to love in private.

    Every single one of my palm lines is proof- they’re just as tangled and misleading

    as the state of my heartstrings.

    I’m the only one at weddings who’s too afraid to catch the bouquet

    or be showered with salt tossed over the bride’s shoulder;

    I’d rather declare my love in secret beneath lanterns or in shadow caves,

    I’d rather be like those birds that hide their broken wings with faulty flying

    instead of letting the pack know they can’t commit to high-stakes diving.

    And there are people who spend their entire lives on crutches

    after limping around with a bruised knee for years on end;

    they’re too scared to let go of the one thing

    that allowed them to break and then mend.

    But I don’t want to be healed, I just want to learn

    how to not leave.

    Abandoning beds already half-filled with sleeping men

    is the only way I was taught to stop limping and stand up straight,

    yet the only standing I ever do

    involves one night and no call backs.

    I can love like a storm, like a black eye weeks from fading, a splinter miles

    underneath tender skin, but when it comes time to count years together

    instead of condoms or takeout cartons,

    I uproot myself and learn to grow somewhere else

    until it’s time to move again.

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    I ship myself with academic success and contentment

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